Canopies and Umbrellas



Viaticum umbrella, splendidly embroidered, complete with fine wooden stalk and polished brass decoration.




    Moella baldachin delicately embroidered with gold silk, grapes and wheat with gold symbols and trimmings.

    Made for 4 poles (160 x 210 cm) or 6 poles (200 x 250 cm).

    You can also buy the aluminum frame.

    Poles are sold separately.

      Poles for baldachin

      Poles for baldachin


      Chrome Poles for baldachin with snap hook , end is placed a brass rosette.

      Height 240 cm, 32 mm diameter, composed of two pieces. Sold in groups of 4 and 6.

        Grosgrain embroidered

        Embroidered conopee in canted fabric.

        Available in ivory, in other liturgical colours and in various fabrics on request.

        Price on request. For information write to

          Grosgrain banner

          Grosgrain banner, 80x120 cm, delicately embroidered gold silk roses and lilies or grapes and wheat, all types of symbols available, handpainted figures upon request.

          Price on request