The two altar frontals are part of an imposing liturgical apparatus commissioned by Pius IX in December 1862 for the Church of San Salvatore al Lauro, composed also of the Papal Plaque, the Solemn Copes, the Dalmatics and the Conopaeus.

Realized in fil doré on canvas in gold foil of San Leucio by the wise hands of the Nuns aggregated to the Foundation of the Blessed Giuseppe Marchisio, it is extraordinary for the uniqueness of the design and the fineness of the embroidery.

The passing of the years and the not always happy expertise in conservation have led this treasure of art and piety to be reduced to a state that makes it impossible to recover only through an intervention of restoration of the ornamentation.

In order to restore life and liturgical dignity to the precious shreds otherwise destined for exclusively technical use, the embroiderers of the Benedictine Monastery of the Blessed Sacrament were chosen for the vestments and the Restoration Division of Manifatture Bianchetti, directed by Elisabetta Bianchetti, for the altar frontals.

The methodology of intervention, particularly delicate, provides for a recovery of the ornament after a thorough cleaning and a precise restoration with a transfer of the same on a new fabric Lamiglia golden sample produced by an ancient seteria comasca.

The original design perfectly reproduced is recomposed using all the possible material and sewn with small stitches with special golden thread.

The filiform parts or those that cannot be reproduced are embroidered ex novo by hand with special and precious threads.

The small metal parts are immersed in a galvanic gold bath in order to refract the light and preserve the original glow.

The final result of the work is satisfying and exciting.

A triumph of ancient and contemporary mastery in respect of the artistic heritage of the Church and in the name of Beauty that resurrects and fascinates and that speaks to the heart and soul.